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Steve McGonegal, the President and Principal Analyst for Independent Analysis since 1998, is now working as a Project Manager and Senior Staff Associate with Econometrica, Inc. in Bethesda, Maryland. Econometrica, Inc. is a private research and management consulting firm committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective research, analysis, modeling, evaluation and regulatory development services to clients in the private and public sectors.

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Featured Research

September 22, 2008 - Regional transmission organizations have not produced lower wholesale prices for electricity and the states in these RTOs have higher average prices than regulated states, according to a new study released today by the Technology Policy Institute, a Washington-based think tank. The study, which was conducted by Stephen McGonegal, President of Independent Analysis, Inc., and TPI President Thomas Lenard, is the first to use wholesale electricity price data to assess the impact of restructuring wholesale electricity markets. As the authors note in "Evaluating the Effects of Wholesale Electricity Restructuring", many previous studies were based on retail prices, which are confounded by many other changes that took place in electricity markets during the same time period.

Lenard and McGonegal's statistical analysis found that wholesale prices in the RTO states have been on average about four percent ($2-$3/MWh) higher than they would be without RTOs.” Given these results, the study cautions that regulators in regions still served by traditional markets should adopt a go-slow approach before creating new RTOs.

Featured Research

December 14, 2007 - The ninth edition of The Progress & Freedom Foundation's "Digital Economy Fact Book" was released today and is available on the PFF web site. The resource guide features an expanded section on international data, reflecting the global importance of the digital economy. The reference book was co-written by Stephen McGonegal, President of Independent Analysis, Inc., and PFF Research Associate Daniel B. Britton.

"This year's Fact Book maps out a lot of new ground on the digital landscape," explains co-author McGonegal. "The Internet is providing a fertile medium for an explosion of user-generated content--on blogs, social networking sites, digital videos, and even alternative virtual universes. The Book also tracks the continuing wireless revolution, as cell phones evolve from communications devices to complete digital entertainment centers."


Independent Analysis' current and former clients include economic and statistical consultants, research and policy institutes, and professional societies. These clients have found that we can offer expertise and capabilities that are not available in-house or are needed only on a project-specific basis. IA's principal has testified in several regulatory proceedings and has developed analysis and testimony for other testifying experts in product safety and economic damages litigation.

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